03 October 2005

actions speak louder than words

for most americans, talk is cheap.  and when it comes to politicians, nearly completely worthless.

so honing "the message" if we ever figure out what it is, doesn't get us very far.  and showing "spine" when it's merely talk or even voting choices we know won't prevail doesn't do a whole lot except for activists and political junkies.
the reason americans aren't switching over to trusting us in droves as they wake up the the stench of corruption from the right is simple:  they don't trust us either.

the only way to fix that is to start doing things — start making changes that positively impact working people.  

but, but, but we're in the minority the politicos and strategists and democratic camp followers all whine, we don't get to set the agenda!

nonsense.  that's only true in DC.

there are plenty of states and municipalities where we are in control.  we can take action and move forward there.  i see very little productive being done, with the major exception of the reform ohio now effort.

take connecticut for instance.  republican governor who replaced another republican resigning under a cloud of corruption that got national attention.  democrats have a super-majority in the legislature there after last november.  what are they doing with it?  well they did get civil unions enacted.  good from the standpoint of the activist wing and the gay rights constituency.  doesn't do a whole lot for the average working joe, even though standing up for our principles will be perceived positively.  

so where are the efforts to get universal healthcare for all residents?  why aren't they very visibly making serious changes to clean up corruption in the wake of rowland and help paint the whole GOP as corrupt?  why haven't they taken steps to prevent future home seizures for private developers as in kelo?  countering the new bankruptcy laws?  these are the kinds of things that get everyday people's attentions and get us some loyalty again.  that's just one small state - now magnify that by every state where we control the legislature or governor's mansion, every city where we dominate city hall.

if people think we're only saying the right things, they won't bother to show up at the polls for us.  once they see us doing things to help them, we get their respect and trust again, and then their votes.


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