22 May 2006

furry mammals 33, dinosaurs 67

managed to get to the nutmeg state convention this last weeked, and saw lamont get on the primary ballot. that was sweet. in a month or two, things have gone from a hail mary primary challenge, to the petition drive because getting 15% at the convention was a longshot, and now suddenly he's doubled that. onward and upward!

and is it just me, or is it somehow odd, humorous and/or pathetic that lieberman "wins" the convention vote handily, but then rumors start flying that he'll bolt the party within a couple weeks? almost like the "scouring of the shire" at the end of LOTR (you know, one of those chapters that got chopped from the movie). just by showing up and standing strong, the hobbits get the mighty wizard to flee the scene, as he is revealed as a pathetic, defeated old man.


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